Dependable Skimcrete XL is a fast drying , fast cover , latex modified , blended
cement patch.  This trowelable product is adhesive friendly, having the lowest
alkalinity of blended cement patches to meet or exceed requirements of
adhesive manufacturers. Skimcrete XL is fast drying yet it has an Xtra Long pot
life...extending your opportunities, not delaying your finish.  Skimcrete XL is easy
to work with on virtually any interior surface.  
Dependable Polyskim is a premium easy to use underlayment and leveling patch
that is fast setting and quick drying.  With latex fortifiers and mildewcide included
in the powder, a complete mixture is available by simply adding water.  Polyskim
may be used over concrete, plywood, metal and adhesive residue. Fast setting
and drying properties, high impact resistance (compressive strength)  along with
the product's tolerance to intermittent moisture, make Polyskim the choice of many
Dependable White Skimcoat is still the best quick setting, high strength, fast to
cover patch and underlayment used for 55 years.  Skimcoat is an ideal material to
cover and level defects in virtually any subfloor or surface.  Always consistent,
Skimcoat is smooth spreading and fast drying.  Because it is gypsum based, it is
compatible with virtually every floor and wall condition.  Because you only need
to add liquid and dry, it has no chemical curing period that may interfere with
other installation materials.  Professional floor installers, carpenters, painters
and other quality tradesmen prefer and depend on Dependable White Skimcoat.
Dependable White Latex Liquid
Formulated for use with Dependable White Skimcoat Underlayment, it provides
greater adhesion, water resistance, flexibility and mildewcide protection.  It may
be used as an additive with Skimcrete XL , Deep Rock and other Dependable
trowelable products wherever a non re-emulsifiable latex primer or additive is
required.  It also may be used as a primer over textured or smooth metal
surfaces, adhesive residues, or under leveling products used in exterior
applications under certain circumstances in accordance with specific